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  • Delivering the Dispensary to Your Door.


About High Road

High Road is an online cannabis marketplace that delivers the dispensary to your door.

We believe in creating safe and easy access to cannabis for all. We are believers of cannabis' power to heal and we're committed to providing on-demand delivery services to cannabis consumers. We've normalized on-demand delivery in every other aspect of life, our mission is to do the same with cannabis. We partner with the top dispensaries in your area to provide software tools and a dedicated delivery team to not only facilitate, but also execute the deliveries. We are your all-in-one solution to cannabis delivery.


Our Story

Our founders started their first, single sourced,cannabis delivery service in 2016 with a simple goal - to create a streamlined way to connect consumers with their desired products. They spent 3 years refining the delivery process from order to execution and sought to develop a more universal platform to help others navigate the delivery landscape. High Road launched in June 2020 as that solution. We currently operate in Washington,DC,Maryland,and Virginia and are built to quickly scale into other markets where cannabis delivery is permitted.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the tool that seamlessly connects dispensaries with their consumers. We are transforming the way cannabis moves around cities through our logist cs platform that connects customers withlocal High Road couriers who can deliver your cannabis products from your favorite dispensary within minutes. We empower communit es to shoplocal and empower dispensaries to grow through our marketplace.


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a safe, convenient,and fully compliant delivery experience for our dispensary partners and consumers,alike. We work with the top dispensaries to ensure only the highest quality products and service. Our software was buit specifically for the cannabisindustry and meets allof the unique needs of this space. Ourleadership has real-lfe experience in cannabis delivery. Every aspect of our businessis built upon that foundational knowledge.


Our Services

Our ability to provide both the technology platform andlast-mile logist csis what makes us a uniquely turn-key delivery solution to dispensaries. Our software package features both a mobile app and custom web app providing consumers with instant access to the delivery marketplace, and a custom web app for dispensaries to easily manage orders, streamline operations, and increase brand exposure.